Yvonne Meets her Sponsor Family!

Don’t miss this special report from Tour Leader Emma, on the road with the Ugandan Kids Choir:

Wouldn't it be awesome to have the opportunity to meet your sponsor child? Take a moment to envision how meaningful it would be if your sponsored child had the chance to meet you, face to face. During the choir’s recent stay at Grace Christian Fellowship in Winchester, New Hampshire, this is exactly what happened for Pastor Matthew Worrall and his wife, Kathy.

You can probably imagine the initial emotions felt by both Pastor Matthew and Yvonne when the two of them finally wrapped their arms around each other for the first time. There were tears, there were smiles, and there was an obvious sense of awe. Little Yvonne was now more than an adorable face proudly displayed on Matthew and Kathy’s refrigerator….they could now physically hug her, talk with her and watch her face light up as Matthew explained how he continuously prays for her walk with Jesus.

Watch this precious video of the moment they first met!


Sponsored children have real emotions -- they experience real joys and fears, and they understand the drastic relief from poverty that is transforming their young lives. This is something that people often forget about sponsorship. Prayers, money given, and the letters written, are more than donations. They are more than simply some sort of humanitarian duty. Sponsorship is a holy action that helps spiritually shape REAL kids like 8-year-old Yvonne. Your sponsored children smile, they laugh, and they cry…..and because of the support coming from their generous sponsor, they receive so many unique and life-giving opportunities.

When you stop and think deeply about it...if Matthew and Kathy had not made the decision to sponsor Yvonne just two short years ago, she would not have had the opportunity to become a crucial member of the choir. But now Yvonne is a powerful little missionary here in America, and has stolen the hearts of many people with her vibrant love for the Lord and passionate style of leading worship. Christ is using her to bring others to Himself. It was because Pastor Matthew and Kathy followed the Lord’s calling to give their time, money, prayer and love to Yvonne, that all three of them were able to share a wonderful weekend together. The three of them had the chance to pick blueberries in their backyard garden, laugh over turkey sandwiches at lunchtime, playfully splash each other in the swimming pool, and even visit the dentist for a checkup together. They created irreplaceable memories that will last forever. The best part is, not one aspect of the relationship between Matthew, Kathy and Yvonne is coincidence. God divinely orchestrated this intricate story ever so intentionally and beautifully. We praise Him that this unique story has now inspired others to begin to partake in the exciting journey of child sponsorship.

During the choir performance at his church, Pastor Matthew got to join Yvonne and the other kids on stage to share personally about the impact of sponsorship. Listen to his powerful speech!


Further reflecting on the experience of meeting his sponsored child in person, Pastor Matthew beautifully summed up the joy of his weekend with Yvonne.

“My wife Kathy and I have been supporting children through this organization for over 30 years. We have supported kids in Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, etc but have never had the opportunity to meet one of them. I was asked by Childcare Worldwide to host the Ugandan Kids Choir this year and we excitedly agreed! We hosted them two years ago and it was at that time we began sponsoring Yvonne. To our delight, we found out she was selected to be part of Choir 17, which was coming to our church! This was just over the top! The odds of this happening is phenomenal! When the bus pulled into the parking lot of our church, Emma, the tour leader, brought Yvonne in first. Neither Yvonne nor I knew quite what to do! We hugged and talked and hugged some more. They were with us for three days and Yvonne warmed up to us as we surely did to her! She even came to our house and saw her picture on our refrigerator! Kathy and I have prayed for the kids we support but this was just off the chart cool! To see Yvonne and touch and hug her just brought into a clearer focus how we are used by the Lord to change someone else's life. We may never see her again except by photos, but we will never forget this experience. Yes, we are committed to this little girl for the duration! Thank you, Childcare Worldwide, for the privilege of coupling together with you to help a kid find meaning, purpose and above all... to find Jesus!”

And here is Yvonne herself, talking about everything sponsorship means to her:


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